Multi-Passionate Mamas Group

A supportive gathering for mamas trying to juggle a family & a myriad of ideas, hobbies and passions



- I provide practical and emotional support throughout the postpartum period for new mamas who are feeling lost, overwhelmed, isolated or disconnected; so that they can focus on peace, joy and their baby (and not the state of the house!)

- I help creative mamas with uncovering their passions and purpose; and then taking clear action steps to create and grow a business that will fit in with their lifestyle

- I support and empower mamas to grow in confidence as a mum and in their businesses, by tapping into their unique intuitive superpowers.


When You Haven’t Planned…

A lot of posts I write are about getting organised, planning and all that stuff, when you have a multitude of interests and are feeling lost/overwhelmed. So before I went on maternity leave I was getting pretty good at cramming lots of things into a couple of productive hours whilst the baby was napping or […]


Taking Action Series – Prioritising

This is one of a series of posts for prompts on taking action for busy, overwhelmed multipassionate mamas!  For advice on trying out a system or routine, click here For getting organised, click here For a look at simplifying things, click here This post follows on from the Taking Action post on simplifying (link above). […]


My Second Birth Story

I never actually wrote a birth story for my first birth. I think that was because I found it so full-on, and emotionally mentally and physically challenging, that I kinda let it drift back into a set of pictures on my iPhone, a memory of me doing what needed to be done and living moment […]