Dealing With Creative Blocks

‘Blocks’ are the nemesis of many a creative-type – whether it’s Writer’s Block or Artist’s Block, the result is always creative constipation. And just like the biological version, it makes you feel pretty crap. Great works become half-finished (or never even get started) due to these. It’s inevitable that if you get off your ass […]

The Four Feelings That Can Hold You Back As A Business-Owning Mama

Sometimes, it’s not the lack of vision, goals, money or time that can hold you back in life or business. It’s those not-very-constructive feelings. Y’know, the ones that start out like little gremlins in your head with their negative self-talk, and if left to run wild, will hold you back and keep you small, safe […]

Finding Your Support Network As A Multipassionate Mama

Finding a support network is hard. And I mean a supportive network of people, not a clique! Many new mamas come together purely through their babies being of a similar age, and needing to get out the house/see another adult face. Which is great in the beginning – although lasting friendships can be made this way, it’s […]

Dark Feminine

A lot of people have heard of the concepts of ‘dark’ and ‘light’ energies, and the Masculine and Feminine, but in terms of connecting with those energies, our culture tends to place the emphasis on focussing and living through ‘lighter’ energy. Many New-Age-type books now seem to focus entirely on the lighter side of things, […]

The End Of Pregnancy & Taking A Break From Social Media

So I’ve been getting all the feels with the end of this pregnancy…having not got this far before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve definitely got bigger, baby now measuring a fair bit heavier than her big sister was this time last year! But I expected the ‘larger-ness’, the difficulty getting around, the […]

Rituals For Life Transitions

It’s the Summer Solstice tomorrow, which got me thinking about ritual. I’m a Virgo, so ritual in business always comes fairly easy to me – daily/weekly schedules, having a designated space to sit and work during those times… but what about rituals for life events? We tend to mark birthdays, and things like Easter/Christmas/New Year […]