Multi-Passionate Mamas Group

A supportive gathering for mamas trying to juggle a family & a myriad of ideas, hobbies and passions

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- I provide practical and emotional support throughout the postpartum period for new mamas who are feeling lost, overwhelmed, isolated or disconnected; so that they can focus on peace, joy and their baby (and not the state of the house!)

- I help creative mamas with uncovering their passions and purpose; and then taking clear action steps to create and grow a business that will fit in with their lifestyle

- I support and empower mamas to grow in confidence as a mum and in their businesses, by tapping into their unique intuitive superpowers.



Episode 1 – Are You A Multi-Passionate Mama?

  In the first episode, I share some of the classic signs of a Multipassionate Mama, as well as some of the common stumbling blocks we face in life & business.


Four Tips For Finding Your Voice

If you’re here, then it’s pretty likely that you’ve noticed the shifts. More and more women are breaking old paradigms, stepping up, speaking out, being heard. We have important things to say and it’s about time this world listened. But like many things, the gap between feeling ready internally and getting the words to flow…


The Business & The Baby Series – Hardy Soft Play Hire

The Business & The Baby is a series of guest blog posts – from awesome mamas who have successfully started up in business after being on maternity leave. This month, Jenette Hardy shares her journey to launching her business during maternity leave with her second child. Tell us a bit about your business… Hardy Soft…