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Ideas, resources and training for mamas on maternity leave to support you through starting a business with a baby!

Hey multipassionate mama!

 Does the thought of going back to a full-time job and spending 30-40 hours a week away from your child fill you with utter dread?

Have you had a realisation that you're in a career that you just don't enjoy?

Do you have multiple interests that you want to bring into starting you own business but have no idea where to start?

You're in the right place.

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Tips on Creating Content Consistently

Creating content for your business is one of those things where you can get way too sucked up in the theory, and end up taking not much action! Here are a couple of my tips for getting going with creating and sharing content – keep it simple to start and focus on your strengths and…


Episode 4: How To Create A Website That Works

In true Multipassionate style, I’m putting my website consultant hat on for this episode and covering: The benefits of having a website that works (and not just on a functional level!) The #1 reason why many websites DON’T work My tips and must-do’s to create one that does I also refer to my own website…

Starting a web design business from home

Starting a web design business from home

In my previous post ‘23 Business Ideas For Stay at Home Mums‘, I shared with you a list of career choices that can fit flexibly alongside being a mum. One of those was starting a web design business – which is something I’ve done personally; both as a freelancer and as part of a partnership.…