If you...

  • are frustrated

    Your current website isn't working for you - whether it's a case of noone paying attention, or that it keeps breaking!

  • Are overwhelmed

    You know you should update and maintain your site regularly, but tech isn't your zone of genius and quite frankly, you'd much rather be doing something else!

  • Are looking for an on-going website relationship

    Um no, not THAT kind. You know that having a website launched is just the beginning, but it can be a major challenge to find the right person to work with on an ongoing basis!

Problems I Solve


Finding a web designer you can trust

This is a lot harder than it sounds - most people I talk to have been burned in the past when it comes to websites. I work to a trusted process and aim to be upfront and transparent when it comes to prices, as well as what is and what isn't included.

You're struggling with creating content

You know how important content creation is for your business, but there's so many things to do it can often get to the point where it all just feels too overwhelming with the time you have available. I can help with content planning, written content and publishing.

Your current website looks amateur

Ok maybe it looked good back in the day...but if your website isn't keeping up with where you're going in business, then maybe it's time for a re-haul. You can try a little design tweak here and a little alteration there, but from experience if that's not on a solidly built foundation it will end up costing you more in the long run.

Keeping everything updated and secure

Adding plenty of content regularly is great, but can also affect the performance of your site if things aren't optimised. I take the hassle out of maintaining your website (which is great if you don't have a clue what to do if something breaks!).

You want time back for your family

I know how utterly time-consuming running an online business alongside a young family can be. If you're spinning too many plates and missing out on the magic in the little moments, it's time to delegate. I want to see you succeed.

Lack of time/headspace to learn the tech stuff

Websites, email workflows, booking systems, payment gateways...may not be your area of expertise. Also, you can end up spending a lot of money on software to automate parts of your online business and save you time - and then spend ages playing around with it to get it to work. I know what works in terms of tech, and can recommend software to suit your needs.

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About Me

I’m Sarah – a website consultant, mother of toddlers and hoarder of crystals.

I've spent the last 10 years working with WordPress websites, and developing my learning from coding to content marketing.

I previously worked as a part of the Kendal-based web design/development business, Pixel Pudu – with a specialism in creating elegant, functional websites that focus on delivering a improved user experience. During this time, I was fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of clients, as well as collaborate with a number of local and national agencies.

WHAT they're saying on facebook...


Sarah u are a WordPress genius!! Thankyou!!

Thanks to Sarah Tomlinson for her initial inspiration on how I can move my website from something that is pretty static into something that will work for me. I'm excited by this project and appreciated Sarah's no jargon approach.

Shout out to Sarah for helping me through the terra incognita of WordPress plug ins!

Thank the digital goddesses for Sarah!



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