april energy forecast

Welcome to the Energy Forecast for April 2020!

Every month, I'll make a post about the energies for that month and what advice comes through, and then record it to share on my YouTube channel.

April Energy Forecast

Welcome to April. There is no doubting that the guidance shared for this month is taking into consideration the recent events that we're experiencing on a global level.

Pretty much all of us are experiencing major changes in our day-to-day life - and this has come on over a very short period of Earth time. If you could see where you are now, even from as late as February this year, you probably would not believe it!

Times are changing very quickly right now. Well, it seems to us that it's very quickly. The pace of change is much faster to us now than maybe it has ever been before.

Unyet, with this fast-paced change, many of us are learning, practising slowing down.

The art of taking life as it comes.

Being still for long enough to hear and/or receive these nudges that send us in the direction we haven't even thought of.

Over the first half of 2020, and particularly now, you may well be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions that takes you from enjoyment of the small/simple things, happiness, gratitude...over to fear, anxiety, sadness and wondering how much longer you can really live in this way.

In a way, very similar to birthing, in that you can't go back to how things were before...and whilst you're labouring you reach that point where you feel like you can't do it anymore, which is usually the moment of transition.

However, in birth it's much more of a single, fixed point; where here it's happening at different times for different people - and in different facets of your lives.

For example, you may experience a transitional time this month about your working life, career and how it fits into your wider life as a whole. Or, maybe you'll experience the transitional process in your family life - new life, losing a loved one, restructuring of the family unit.

So this month - it's one where we're unfortunately prone to feeling more and more isolated because of the global situation (like with the phrases 'self-isolation', 'social distancing' in front of us many times per day).

But, if we zoom out of our little 'picture' a bit and look at the wider one, it does not have to feel isolating.

We are maybe having to disconnect from other people in ways we were used to connecting in before (I think of the example here of meeting up with friends in the pub for drinks); but this is giving us new space to then connect with these people in new and different ways.

Again, change often feels uncomfortable.

But this can strengthen and deepen existing relationships of all kinds, and also begin new ones too.

And as we move through the month, this is something we'll read about, hear about, and experience more and more.

There's a lot of fear around areas like money, jobs, security...so we need to find ways this month to balance these feelings with experiences of compassion, connection.

Finding the people who've made a positive difference in our lives, and maybe even telling them.

And finally, for relationships that are under strain right now (whether that's short-term during this period or longer term); How can you change the dynamic?

Peace x

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