Are You A Healer?

Many years ago, I used to do regular Angel/Oracle Card Readings on my YouTube channel. Before that, I would use the cards for myself; whenever ...

A Little Update & News On New Workbook

So this weekend started off with a wonderful level of productivity - I've got my (adjusted from the Newborn phase) work calendar up and implemented; ...

Increasing Your Self Worth

I feel like there’s two layers in really building and maintaining our own self worth. Layer 1 is external validation. So mainly – praise, compliments etc ...

When Pregnancy Doesn’t Go As Planned

There's no doubt about it; pregnancy is bloody amazing. There are the good bits (feeling a mini person moving around inside you, 'glowing' with wonderful ...

Nine Crystals For Bringing About Badass Change

I've always believed that when you're ready for change, the right tools, teachers and situations will appear as if by magic. Sometime we don't necessarily ...

Mercury Retrograde

It's Mercury Retrograde (yay......!) Whilst I'm coming out of my winter hibernation, there's certainly not much in terms of forging ahead that's going to get ...

Seven Ways To Increase Your Persistence

Persistence is a trait which women seem to be simultaneously taught to cultivate and avoid. On the one hand, we're bombarded with Facebook posts and ...

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