Empowering She

Dark Feminine


A lot of people have heard of the concepts of ‘dark’ and ‘light’ energies, and the Masculine and Feminine, but in terms of connecting with those energies, our culture tends to place the emphasis on focussing and living through ‘lighter’ energy. Many New-Age-type books now seem to focus entirely on the lighter side of things,…

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Rituals For Life Transitions

It’s the Summer Solstice tomorrow, which got me thinking about ritual. I’m a Virgo, so ritual in business always comes fairly easy to me – daily/weekly schedules, having a designated space to sit and work during those times… but what about rituals for life events? We tend to mark birthdays, and things like Easter/Christmas/New Year…

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Are You A Healer?


Many years ago, I used to do regular Angel/Oracle Card Readings on my YouTube channel. Before that, I would use the cards for myself; whenever I felt lost and in need of guidance (which was a lot!). I kept asking (probably much like a child asking the same question over and over and not quite…

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Increasing Your Self Worth


I feel like there’s two layers in really building and maintaining our own self worth. Layer 1 is external validation. So mainly – praise, compliments etc from others. It can also include that lal boost of self-esteem we get when we’ve really helped another (or donated to Save the Whales or summat.) This is the layer…

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Nine Crystals For Bringing About Badass Change


I’ve always believed that when you’re ready for change, the right tools, teachers and situations will appear as if by magic. Sometime we don’t necessarily consciously feel ready for change, but those ‘little’ decisions we make along the way are guiding us along – whether it’s a long, gradual process of change or a life-stopping,…

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International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is today – this brings up a mixed bag for me. On the one hand; it gives us as women a voice, a platform on which to be heard. A chance to air the voices and achievements of those that have gone before us, unheard and hidden in the background. On the…

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