It’s been a long time….two years infact, since this blog was last updated. Since then, a lot has happened.

Back then, the blog and the holistic therapy stuff had started to take a backseat as the web design/development business took off. We got a little office in town, but we weren’t happy living where we were – I became very drawn to living in a little rural town about 10 miles away that although Id never actually lived in, I spent a lot of time in as a child.

At the same time, 2014-2016 was spent in and out of hospital with various failed cycles of fertility treatment, which took it out out me physically, mentally and emotionally. When we happened across a beautiful little house right in the town I was inexplicably drawn to, I knew it was the right thing to do and would bring me closer to my goal of a rural life with a little family.

And it did…although remotely in the way I’d imagined!

As usual, the Universe had other ideas. Just over half a year passed and my marriage came to an end. I continued on with web design/development by starting my own business, met someone else and shortly found out that I was expecting a baby…

So here we are in 2017 – baby is due in July but due to complications with both Placenta Previa and some of my waters breaking at 28 weeks, I won’t be going full-term, and will find out in a few days whether I’m going in for a scheduled c-section next week. Again, nothing like I planned (I wanted a nice, hypnobirthy home pool experience but theres no chance of that with a high-risk pregnancy), but as usual life is trying to get me to learn to roll with it!

So whilst I’m on maternity leave, I found myself coming back to this blog, and I was quite surprised to see that even though its been on snooze for a couple of years, it’s actually still getting a fair amount of traffic! My original plan was to invest more time into it once I started a family – so that time has now come.

Im still trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle where I can – obviously the budget is rather tighter right now, but I have my Suma orders, my potted herbs (until I can physically do gardening again), and the new quest of finding the best reusable nappies…

So yes, the site will need a bit of a makeover to bring it up-to-date (I think I could do with one as well to be honest), but hey – it’s nice to be back.



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