Content Marketing

How to write an article

Articles are another great way of sharing your knowledge and positioning yourself as an expert on a particular topic. You may choose to focus your efforts in article writing for the online market, or the more traditional print magazines. A typical article is usually in the region of 500 – 1500 words; although relatively short,…

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Setting up a blog for your business

As we move further and further away from website pages stuffed with keywords towards well written and informative content, the presence of a blog on your website can be a real boon. Here are some reasons to add a business blog to your content marketing methods: • Updating a blog on a regular basis adds…

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How to create an email newsletter

Typically, a potential customer will visit your site several times before committing to a purchase. This is because most of us don’t have unlimited budgets, and we like to see ‘what else is out there’ before making a buying decision. So, how do you keep these ‘maybes’ hanging around and coming back to you? Many…

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Making a digital magazine

If you have the budget, a digital magazine is another great way of producing quality, informative content to position yourself as a market-leader in your particular niche. A digital magazine can either be distributed externally to customers/partners, or internally (For example; a company magazine aimed at staff members). Whether your readership is potential customers or…

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How to write website content


Out of all the various types of content you can put out there, the copy on your website pages has to rank as the most important. Web pages need to be written differently to printed forms of advertising (like leaflets), because your reader will only hang around for a few seconds before making the decision…

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How to Write a Customer Case Study

Whatever business you’re in, good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing is like gold dust. “Positive word of mouth outweighs negative by a 6:1 margin” (Keller Fay Group). The only problem with this method is that it can take some time to really get going, especially at the beginning. People are busy, and however well intentioned,…

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How to write a Mini-Manual

sass tomlinson coaching

A mini-manual is a simple way of reaching out to your customer, taking them by the hand and guiding them along through the basics of what you have to offer. Mini-manuals can also be referred to as reports, depending on what type of business you are in. Writing a small booklet on a topic can…

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Why is Written Content so Important?

Traditional ‘hard-sell’ marketing tactics no longer work like they used to. You may have tried them in the past, and struggled ever since with the marketing side of your business. To us heart-centred and ‘helping’ business owners, this method of ‘in your face’ marketing just never resonated with us, leaving us feeling less than authentic…

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I’ve been deliberating over what to write about this week. However, I have the soundtrack to The Social Network on (Got to be some music by Trent Reznor, naturally) and I’ve had time to reflect this afternoon whilst walking halfway across Kendal to my car (My main plan in moving back there is to get…

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5 ways to improve your website’s user experience

Whether you’re a sole trader or an expanding business, the importance of your online presence cannot be underestimated. Over 220,000 British businesses are now online, through channels like their own website, Facebook page or online shop. There are many free or low-cost site builders that will let you set yourself up online with little or…

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