Website & Online Business Growth

Your tech support to take your online business to the next level

Have you ever spent time, energy and money into creating something you're super proud of - only for it to be met with the sound of crickets?

Or you've been telling everyone about your new business and everyone says 'hey that sounds amazing!', but weeks and months pass after your new website's launched, and noone's contacting you...

It's not a nice feeling, and often we end up feeling rejected and move onto something else.

In fact, by getting a website built and launched in the right way, you should have a really solid foundation on which to base your online business, one that will grow with you.

But getting your website out there is just the beginning!

Let's Work Together to grow your online business

Once your website has been launched, I can work with you to devise a solid strategy on how to grow your online business - and also provide extra support in 'done-for-you' services like content marketing.

Some of the things I can help with:

  • Content writing/marketing/strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Keyword research & SEO
  • Lead generation, email marketing & sales funnels
  • Creating systems to streamline & automate your sales process

Growing your business isn't something that will happen overnight online, and takes a LOT of consistent and focussed work.

This is why I work with a very small amount of clients from the initial website design & build and then on an ongoing basis, so I can support you as much as you need.

Once we've discussed your business and your website goals at the beginning of the website design/build process, we can then schedule another meeting before your site goes live where we'll look at what sort of support your business needs beyond the launch.

I'll then provide you with a tailor-made proposal so we know what areas to focus on and we have a plan of action moving forwards.

Ready to take the next step?

Tell me about your website project and I'll get back to you within 48 hours: