House Projects

Project Fence

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Stage 1 of Project Fence is complete! Having a really long garden is great, except for the whole thing of uh, fencing it off. Building some raised beds, planting some stuff and shoving gravel down is pretty cheap. Getting a proper fence isn’t. To make matters worse,…

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Project Laundry Outhouse

After clearing a bit of space with Project Shed, we had enough room in the outhouse to get the washing machine out of the kitchen. There’s only room in there for one plumbed appliance – and my Next dishwasher has been sat about as a posh shelf for nearly a year now. I enjoy cooking…

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Project Shed

After Project Conifer, we figured we were on a roll and decided to max out the Argos Card with some shed-shaped action. If you too would like to spend an entire weekend faffing around in an exceedingly small space, in entirely the wrong season; and you don’t mind most of the air surrounding your property…

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Project Conifer

If you read my last post, you may have noticed that I have a slight issue with the fences in the garden (!) Fear not – Stage One (Project Conifer) has now been implemented! Because Kendal is the Place Where Rain Never Stops, this took a couple weeks in total because the top foot of…

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Pantry Revamp – Making A Blackboard

Back in the first post I did after moving to the new home, I shared a pic of the new pantry I have, which sits just under the top of the stairs. Now, although I would love to get it to looking amazing, uber-organised and generally somewhere the cat actively tries to get shut in because it’s…

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