I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks.


Okay, so MAJOR shit (both good and the really nutty kind) is going down at the moment!

I’ve had to do a lot of travelling, a fair few hospital visits, take meds that made me ridiculously jolly (my face naturally resides in a Grumpy-Cat-esque position), and meds that are making me feel like the inside of the rubbish bag (5 days after you put your fish supper leftovers in it).


Boarding the hormone rollercoaster seems to have made my anxiety about a zillion times worse – and finding a gobby kid trampling over my herbs, having invited himself in the back garden was indeed the last straw.

It’s proper fences or bust.

Right now the ‘fence’ is about 4 planks of wood that the average garden gnome could jump over, the gate is just a noisy piece of metal that restricts you only from the genitals down, and don’t get me started on the random gaps and doll-house size panels further up!


DH in the moment of realisation that our dead guinea pigs could indeed have built a better fence than the one behind him.

So, raid the overdrafts – Phase 1 is about to roll into action.

The fence panels in the picture are probably alright if you are very short. I am not. So, conifers will be going in. However, even the fast ones will take over a year to get to a decent height – so we need to back them up with mesh to stop the continual barrage of footballs in nicer weather.

We’re also going to get a proper fence and gate put in at the bottom. Perhaps I will put spikes on the top to impale the unwanted.

DH has cleverly manipulated a small loophole he discovered in my ‘Absolutely will I never get a dog’ policy – next year I will try and find one that will eat intruders and pissy tom cats.

So, more pictures as stuff happens.


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