Welcome to the Energy Forecast for July 2020!

Every month, I'll make a post about the energies for that month and what advice comes through, and then record it to share on my YouTube channel.

July Energy Forecast

Contraction & Release

June was really a time of watching, waiting, taking minimal action... July will be like the release of June's contraction.

You'll feel very motivated to get moving with projects again, for example a business or study path. As mentioned last month, this won't be at the breakneck speeds from the past that many of us are used to.

Conscious action. Where can you take conscious action in your life?  Where are there more limiting thoughts, patterns, beliefs, structures in place that are holding you back? Focus on alignment with your Self rather than productivity for the sake of it.

'On A Knife Edge'

Some big or 'fated' parts of your life will occur in or over the July period. There is always a decision to be made around these, but this energy may have already begun to show up for you around the end of June so you may already be some way down the road in terms of that decision-making process.

You really are moving into something new. So, do you want to feed fear, lack...or put your energy towards visualising and creating a better future?

There may be a sense of urgency about decisions that need to be made, hence the feeling as if you're 'on a knife edge'. However, their urgency may well be self-created the deeper you look at it.


That's all for this month. Stay well 🙂

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