june energy forecast

Welcome to the Energy Forecast for June 2020!

Every month, I'll make a post about the energies for that month and what advice comes through, and then record it to share on my YouTube channel.

June Energy Forecast

There is a 'ripening' of sorts going on now and into June.

Of fears, beliefs, and collective rage. we are starting to see this being played out via riots, protests etc.

What is ripening in your life?


Blame - There's blame of others going on a lot in the world right now, but also blame on a more personal level.

Where is blame showing up in your life at the moment?

Are you blaming yourself for something, or holding onto blame of someone else for something that they did or did not do?

Blame is not constructive, it just attempts to move the focus. Practise self-compassion, and particularly try working on forgiveness around any issues that blame is involved in that continue to hold you back.

Remember there's still a lot of fear around as we move further along the process of discovering a new/altered way to live.


Clarity - Some things on a wider, collective level will become clearer to us now, much clearer than they were before. And of course, this can help fuel the blame.

You may have been experiencing moments of clarity peppered into the fog of confusion that many have been experiencing over most of this year, at least!

As we move into June, we'll be seeing an increase in these moments of clarity.

Remember last month when we talked about simply getting on the right path/road? Well the clarity is now coming in bigger doses to enable you to get moving. Probably a lot slower than you'd like, or that you're used to, but you'll get used to these new speeds.

Remember to try and create space to just listen and 'be', as clarity like this a lot!

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