Well, welcome to 2015!

So, things have quickly begun to shift this year into new, exciting, but kinda scary territory!

From a few minutes’ time, t’other half will officially be a full-time freelance web developer. Which means that neither of us are bringing in a fixed monthly wage! That’s a bit scary in itself.

Add to that I’m currently full of fertility meds, ballooning and may actually kill for some Prosecco…

Yes, life is interesting. As a result, I’ll be focussing on web work rather than holistic therapy for the rest of this year.

I think that especially in the first few months, some of the changes I wanted to start in the garden/house may get set back a little (although I WILL find a way to get a fence in at the bottom by summer, even if I have to glue twigs together..) Since cashflow is going to be exceedingly tight, I’m hoping to make/grow a little more. I’ll have to invest in some kit to get started, but it should pay for itself hopefully.

I suspect there may be more household cleaning from now on too.


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