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Getting Started With Minimalism | My Journey So Far

getting started with minimalism

So you want to move to a more minimal lifestyle, but have no idea where to start? Is minimalism even possible with kids? In this video, I’m sharing the 3 areas I’ve started to look at in making the transition to a more minimal lifestyle. There’s still a loooooong way to go but join me…

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Feeling The Fear

feeling the fear

Well, today is the day where I usually create content like videos for my YouTube channel, because the girls are in childcare. It’s also a morning to recalibrate and refill the well. There are a few dodgy bricks, and I’m pretty sure there’s a leak somewhere, but nonetheless I persist in attempting to refill it…

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Ready for 2018

Well, suddenly its next year. Am i prepared for this year? Well, I have a planner…otherwise, not really. I’d gone through over and over in my head over the years what it would be like when the first baby comes along, but that seemed like so much of a distant dream back then that I…

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Kinder To Baby, Kinder To The Planet

A bit of a gap since my last post, but hey, it wasn’t two years this time… Anyway, Lots Of Things have been going on. The main one is baby-shaped and goes by the name of Aurora. She was born by C-section at only 34 weeks as I had PPROM and Placenta Previa, and the…

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Coming Back

Hello! It’s been a long time….two years infact, since this blog was last updated. Since then, a lot has happened. Back then, the blog and the holistic therapy stuff had started to take a backseat as the web design/development business took off. We got a little office in town, but we weren’t happy living where we were –…

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Project Laundry Outhouse

After clearing a bit of space with Project Shed, we had enough room in the outhouse to get the washing machine out of the kitchen. There’s only room in there for one plumbed appliance – and my Next dishwasher has been sat about as a posh shelf for nearly a year now. I enjoy cooking…

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Life is Interesting…

Well, welcome to 2015! So, things have quickly begun to shift this year into new, exciting, but kinda scary territory! From a few minutes’ time, t’other half will officially be a full-time freelance web developer. Which means that neither of us are bringing in a fixed monthly wage! That’s a bit scary in itself.

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Project Shed

After Project Conifer, we figured we were on a roll and decided to max out the Argos Card with some shed-shaped action. If you too would like to spend an entire weekend faffing around in an exceedingly small space, in entirely the wrong season; and you don’t mind most of the air surrounding your property…

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Project Conifer

If you read my last post, you may have noticed that I have a slight issue with the fences in the garden (!) Fear not – Stage One (Project Conifer) has now been implemented! Because Kendal is the Place Where Rain Never Stops, this took a couple weeks in total because the top foot of…

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To insanity…and beyond!

I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks. Shh… Okay, so MAJOR shit (both good and the really nutty kind) is going down at the moment! I’ve had to do a lot of travelling, a fair few hospital visits, take meds that made me ridiculously jolly (my face naturally resides in a Grumpy-Cat-esque position),…

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