march energy forecast

Welcome to the Energy Forecast for March 2020! This is my first go at writing down (and also recording) an energy forecast - I used to do weekly Oracle Card/Angel Card readings on my old YouTube channel, but have not done them for many years.

The Universe seems to be nudging me in the direction of dropping the cards a bit and just tuning in intuitively doing what comes easiest - and that's writing. So every month, I'll make a post about the energies for that month and what advice comes through, and then record it to share on my YouTube channel.

So, here goes for March!

March Energy Forecast

Well March is going to continue the strong theme that we've had in the previous months of 2020 so far - in that major changes are happening in our lives, but via seemingly minor actions or 'baby steps'.

Many of us have felt that urge from the end of 2019 and into the New Year to declutter, let go of things that aren't serving us, distance or remove ourselves from people who bring us down or drain us.

And we sometimes have that resistance, that impatience that these little changes are not having the dramatic effects that we would like. But we would argue that they are, and by the time you reach December of this year, you will be able to look back and see that this is the case.

But back to March - it's going to be of enormous benefit to you to get outside and connect with nature in a way that brings you joy. There's a lot of crazy stuff out there and if you're feeling rather /bashed about in the wind' emotionally or mentally, then you can recalibrate by immersing yourself in nature that's local to you, grand or humble.

It may be that a walk in nature is all you need to come back to centre and manage the current energies, but we encourage you to try where you can to bring a little more playfulness into this rather than just regard it as another 'process' to go through.

So play outside with children, take bark rubbings from a tree, collect and press some flowers..

How did you interact with nature when you were a child?

Find what you love, what lights you up in nature, and then once you've done that, bring that mentality forwards into your life as a whole...

Things that you enjoyed that you let go of for one reason or another;

Things that you've always wanted to try but always put off...nothing is too decadent now.

Finally, observe the silence. Immerse yourself in it where you can and just listen. Messages, nudges, ideas are coming through stronger than ever now.

Things are getting moving. Enjoy the process!

Peace x

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