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‘Setbacks’ and Coping with Change

setbacks and coping with change

How do you manage when things don’t go to plan? It’s bound to happen right – unyet it’s always a pretty unwelcome slap in the face. My own life has been through some MAH-OO-SIVE changes in the last year, and so has that of a lot of people around me. Whether its business or personal,…

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5 ways to switch off after work

Do you ‘switch off’ after work? Whether you work from home, find yourself slogging away on projects far into the early hours, or you’re still dealing with work emails on your smartphone instead of reading the kids a bedtime story – there comes a point in the day where you need to switch off from work…

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There seems to be two polarised sides emerging to my blogging habits. On the one side, I quite like updating my websites with content that’s useful to others (in the sense that the post is informative and good for reference). On the other – I seem to have a knack for cracking out experience-infused ramblings…

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