How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme For Your Business Website

You’re building your own website for your business, but are overwhelmed with the number of themes out there. Some are free and some cost, so what is the difference and why should you pay for one? How can you tell what’s going to be a good theme? We’re going to look at some of the…

Episode 5: How To Increase Conversions On Your Website With Content

Following on from the website design/development-oriented conversion tips that I talked about in Episode 4 – How To Build A Website That Works; in this episode I’m taking a look at website content-related tips that are essential in converting visitors to leads and customers. Find out how you can make best use of your website…

Episode 4: How To Create A Website That Works

In true Multipassionate style, I’m putting my website consultant hat on for this episode and covering: The benefits of having a website that works (and not just on a functional level!) The #1 reason why many websites DON’T work My tips and must-do’s to create one that does To take a deeper dive into creating…

Time Management Tricks For Balancing A Business And A Baby

Managing your time effectively is essential if you’re starting up a business alongside a baby or young children – however it can easily become a pretty stressful juggling act. Today I’m talking about some time management tips and mindset tools that are invaluable in helping you find your own sense of balance.   Hey Multipassionate…

Episode 2 – What If You Don’t Have Just One Calling In Life?

  Do you think you have just one calling in life? Today I’m talking about the big and frankly overwhelming question of life purpose…and what if there isn’t just one specific thing for everyone? Would that make it easier to just start taking action from where we are now?

Episode 1 – Are You A Multi-Passionate Mama?

  In the first episode, I share some of the classic signs of a Multipassionate Mama, as well as some of the common stumbling blocks we face in life & business.