Well, suddenly its next year.

Am i prepared for this year? Well, I have a planner…otherwise, not really. I’d gone through over and over in my head over the years what it would be like when the first baby comes along, but that seemed like so much of a distant dream back then that I never really quite got to what it would be like to have the second one (and especially with a 13-month age gap!)

See now I actually know how hard it is to do bloody anything with a baby; like leaving the house, getting anywhere on time…so the concept of having to do it next autumn with 2 in tow is slightly terrifying!

Plus, my first child already seems to be way more extraverted than both parents combined…and the next little bundle of joy (providing this one comes on time or later) is going to be a Leo. Oh good Lord.

So what are my ‘green’ resolutions for this year?

  • Eat less (if any) meat – Veganuary is not going well for me yet; well its not going at all yet as I have a freezer to run down. The plan is then to buy as little as possible. We do get meat from local farmers, which is good in that I know exactly where it’s come from. But no more from the supermarket.
  • Order more from Suma – I’ve set up a new account so providing we can afford to buy in bulk I would like to get more things from here to make meals with. My guts in pregnancy and post-partum are like IBS hell so I want to be as kind as possible to my body – its gone through a lot the last couple of years!
  • Less plastic waste – I’m at home a lot so rarely used plastic bottles anyway – but thinking about things like squash and orange juice…little steps.
  • More ‘green’ skin & body products – doing quite well with this with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc…this year maybe finding time to make my own (will that time actually exist though?), and looking at alternatives for makeup.

I was going to add something about gardening to the list, but being pregnant for the second year in a row it’s unlikely I will be doing or growing much (other than the baby).

In the meantime, I’m back to work now for 6 months. Lets do this.

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