Well, here we are – almost smack-bang in the middle of the Christmas/New Year period. With the weather constantly-sort-of-hinting that we should all make an ark or something, I have not been out much. In fact I have not been out for a drink this year at all.

Part of me feels very ‘cheated’ by this; I don’t go out much as it is, so I should be out living it up! Unfortunately, my body no longer agrees. Having probably remembered what I used to do to it 10 years ago around the festive period, it has decided to teach me a little lesson.

On Christmas Eve, I got drunk. I quite often get a little squiffy, but I’ve never really got properly drunk for something like 10 months, maybe more. Around 4-5 drinks in, I was laugh-crying at The Snowdog. To be fair, I had only eaten cheese and biscuits for tea.

Anyway, the next day I felt pretty rough. And ever since, my neck/glands have decided to swell up so I look a bit like a bullfrog. I think that this is the point where I have to listen to the fact that my body will no longer tolerate alcohol other than the odd glass of decent vino here & there.

photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife via photopin cc

photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife via photopin cc

I had one virtuous moment this Christmas – I did my workout on Christmas Day. And I have to say, it felt bloody brilliant.

So, starting today, I’m preparing to let go of this ‘old notion’ of me. Over the last few months, I’ve been given several opportunities to revisit past situations, people and places – and each time, it reinforced my belief that leaving those things behind was absolutely the best thing to do.

Now I see there’s a New Moon coinciding with New Year’s Day…

These next few days are therefore an ideal and powerful time to sit quietly, make a list of The Things In Our Life That It’s Time To Let Go Of, and then consciously let go of them in whatever way seems best (ritual works for me).

If like me, you’re determined to look after that trusty Earth-vehicle known as Your Body a little better this year, then check out this post about detoxing.

You don’t have to do it hardcore-stylee, just start making changes to worn-in habits to help kick-start the process.

I have a final reason why I really need to look after my body this year – because I know that it is most likely going to have a lot of demands placed on it soon. We shall see!

Have a fantastic New Year 🙂

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