How to Disable Comments in WordPress

how to disable comments on your wordpress website

Blog comments…do you like them on or off? If you want to turn comments off on your WordPress site in general, or you’ve found that a particular post is getting spammed and you would rather turn off commenting for that one post, watch this video and I’ll show you how to do it.

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Why I don’t do website design ‘tweaks’ anymore

why i stopped doing website tweaks

‘Can you just add another slide to the homepage?’ ‘I use this free plugin on my site but it’s not displaying properly, can you sort it?’   In theory, yes…but for both our sakes, no. Let me be clear – when I say website design tweaks – of course I will sort the little things…

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Motherhood After Infertility


I’m not sure where to start with this. There are plenty of stories out there on blogs about the exhausting and exaperating journey that is infertilty treatment; there are even some pieces about adjusting to motherhood after infertilty treatment has been successful. But my story is a little different. Although I went through 6 failed…

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Getting Out Of The Way


There’s a lot of focus in our society of getting things done, planning ahead, achieving goals. I often wonder if this is because there’s so many September babies and therefore Virgoans (although I guess some could be in Libra is they were Christmas/New Year related). So not doing these things feels kinda counter-intuitive. The bills…

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Gaining Clarity


I’ve had to take an extra step back from everything the last couple of days. The cramps are coming and going, and are pretty intense at times. This is bringing up the fear from last pregnancy, when unfortunately there was also bleeding a couple of times. So right now, it’s a case of taking my…

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Spring Is Coming


Its noticeably lighter in the mornings and evenings, and there as some Actual Real-Life Sunshine. Spring is coming. I’m trying to live more in sync with my Moon journal; and have ‘down-time’ when the Moon is void-of-course. Which is from now until this evening. I still find this stage frustrating. We are so used to…

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Holding Space


Holding space is something that seems to feel a lot easier pre-children, but is even more essential for everyone around you once you have had them… Holding space so I can rest my body which is working hard with a short gap between pregnancies Holding space to give my daughter my full attention and connect…

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‘But I Can’t Afford a Website!’ – Your options

I think by now we’ve all read the myriad of information on why you cannot afford to NOT have a website. But as a small business or startup, the cost can seem a bit daunting. For a well-designed and built website, you’re looking at hundreds of pounds; and if your site is going to require…

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At Home – Sedbergh, Cumbria

The nice thing about what I do is that it’s not restricted to the local area I live in, and I can work with clients all over the place! However, a common bugbear I’ve found that business owners have with developers is that they often move around, and become unreachable after a while. I’ve always…

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I’m Back…

It’s been a fair while since I posted on this blog – but I am most certainly back! I’ve been building all manner of WordPress websites over the last couple of years – with plenty of custom-built designs to code! I’m essentially continuing on with this now under my own name, and in addition I’ve…

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