why i stopped doing website tweaks

'Can you just add another slide to the homepage?'

'I use this free plugin on my site but it's not displaying properly, can you sort it?'


In theory, yes...but for both our sakes, no.

Let me be clear - when I say website design tweaks - of course I will sort the little things that can go wrong; but this is either as part of the Develop Package, or the ongoing Maintain Package.

I no longer offer standalone fixes/amendments to websites on an hourly basis, that have also been built elsewhere.

Why I Stopped Doing Website Design Tweaks

After the birth of my second daughter, I decided to take a hiatus from websites. After all, it's not the easiest thing to do with a baby and a young toddler.

Having reflected on why I felt I wouldn't come back to my web design business after my last maternity leave, I realised a couple things:

- Fixing issues on badly-built websites is not aligned with what I want a client to achieve with their site. Sure, I want to help by fixing problems - but so many times I've logged in to do something that should be a quick fix and got that sinking feeling because it feels a bit like playing Kerplunk...patching things up might help short-term, but often it's hiding deeper issues in the quality of the build and tech stack used. And it can actually cost nearly as much as re-doing a site to a higher standard.

- I needed to have a much more solid process in place to help clients not just launch a website, but to grow it too. So in-between looking after 2 small humans, I've been testing, learning and implementing. I have a tech stack I've built all my websites on that I know works (no $59 themes pls, you just cause heartbreak!); I've invested in more learning about content marketing and audience-building to help with growth strategies post-launch.

-My time is pretty limited now. I have capacity for one website project at a time, which is great for the client as their website is my sole focus during the Develop phase. So I feel that the time I have available is best spent working with someone to create a solid website/online business, rather than patching up and fire-fighting lots of different websites.

But I'm not happy with my current website...

There are a couple ways I can help you if your current website is not up to scratch, but firstly we need to get to the bottom of WHY it isn't. Book a Discovery Call here.

If it becomes clear that your best option is to start from scratch, then you could take out my Develop Package (a one-off charge with the option to add an ongoing Maintain Package), or you can talk to me about the Build-Your-Own option which is a more affordable option with a monthly/yearly subscription.

Perhaps you don't need to start again though - for example your website might be just fine, but you need support with getting the results you want through it. In this case, I would recommend the Grow Package (where I carry out the work), or the monthly Coaching (where you/your employees implement the changes I give you as part of the programme).



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