Website Development

How To Find Out What A Website Is Built With

how to find out what a website is built with

Ever come across a WordPress website and wondered what theme the site was using? Or maybe what apps/plugins a particular website uses? In this video I share a couple of tools you can install in the Chrome web browser to find out what a website is built with. IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE MY FORTNIGHTLY…

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Why Trusting Your Web Developer Is Important

Trusting a web developer can be tough. I have worked in the industry for quite a few years now, and something that came up again and again throughout certain phases of a project (predominantly in the initial stages and at Discovery Meetings) was the client admitting that they’d had problems in the past with developers…

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16 Signs Your Website Sucks

Nobody wants to be told their website sucks.  However, if you’ve checked your website analytics and there’s plenty of traffic coming to your site but people aren’t staying around, it could be something to do with your website or the content on it. Below are sixteen reasons why your website may be in need of…

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

If you’re in any kind of business where you offer a service, you’re gonna get asked how much your service costs. Some things are fixed cost for a set amount of time, like an hour’s massage. Some things can vary wildly, like the cost of a website. Why? Is it better design, company overheads, plain…

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5 Ways to Grow Your Holistic Business Online

In this post we’re going to briefly cover 5 areas that you should consider adding to your website if you’re serious about expanding your holistic therapy business. It may be that you’re happy with taking however many clients your currently see per week, and a simple ‘brochure’ type website will suffice. However, I see a…

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Online Booking – Should I Bother?

Today we’re having a quick look at the pros and cons of online booking. That is, if someone visits your website, makes the decision to use your service, and then books an appointment with you through the site. There are a couple of ways we can do this: 1. You have a contact form set…

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Welcome to Peridot Web Design!

You may have noticed that there’s been a few changes on the site & Facebook page in recent weeks. I’ve felt for a while now that it was time for my business to have its own name, rather than just being run under mine. I aim to provide a full and tailored experience through the…

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